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  1. Art Law?
    Art is an objective reflective nuance as is LAW! The corruption in the art market is world wide.
    It is a political control as well as a product control. To consider the auction houses as mere used-car salesmen is giving them too much credit. And the experts elected by the auction houses a monopoly.
    So, there is a solution to this? Give me a break. 98% of the art collectors can see nothing but colors and buy a stock certified by the monolopy to ensure its value-insurance if you may. Money can buy anything but truth.
    I’m intrigued with this neophite approach since small lawyers are all closing their offices or joining firms. Is this a monopoly as well? Seems to be. Former lawyers sipping wine with the high heels of New York insuring their art to the highest standards…of what?
    A picker finds the constitution behind an old print at a flea market-the auction houses go wild-it sells for millions! No provenence! Who owned it? Where did it come from? Who cares? Stolen?
    Jackson Pollock’s first drip painting known for 60 years as authentic by the elected NY expert refuses to publish it because Pollock gave it to his first Canadian mistress. Valued at 35 million but no one will touch it because it is unpublished by Thaw. Federal suit follows; lawyer threathened on appeal-all costs refunded and case is dropped. This is how they work. Second effort: we will consider your art with a consulting fee of $100,000.00, knowing you are a flea picker without a Park Avenue address. The catch here, the expert identifies fakes and authenticed works in his publication but leaves this one out-what a crock…or crook! Is this not a second law suit?
    Now you want to pass laws controlling these actions? Mind if I take leave?
    Beware, the darkness of these people and value of art may just end up under water sooner than you think.

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