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Center for Art Law Case Updates and Legal/Art News
September 18, 2015 — NYSBA — EASL

EASL Blog shares Center for Art Law case summaries and art news with its members.

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Richard Prince, Instagram ‘ripoff artist,’ has own art appropriated
Jun 9, 2015 — CBC News — Matt Kwong

Irina Tarsis addresses the fair use tests and comments on the irony of appropriating art from appropriation artists.

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Resale Royalty Rights: A Comparative Discussion on Increased Moral Rights for Artists in America
Feb. 2015 — American University International Law Review — Alejandra Aramayo & Reema Taneja

Irina Tarsis appeared on a panel in Washington, DC dedicated to the doctrine of resale royalty rights. She addressed the ongoing debate about the merits of introducing the right in the United States.

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Top Art Law Blogs – lawyers writing on art 
May 28, 2015 — Private Art Investment — Rebecca Hawkins

Center for Art Law Blog is recognized for its “insightful art law writing.”

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Banksy and Vandalism
October 18, 2013 — Art Law Report — Nicholas O’Donnell

Review of the article about Banksy’s residence in New York.

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