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LAW & ART Job Listing

Diego Rivera, Detroit Mural (detail)
Diego Rivera, Detroit Mural (detail)

Thank you for your interest in posting your job opportunity with Center for Art Law. We inform our readers of relevant art and cultural property law full and part-time employment and internship opportunities through our weekly Newsletter, as well as our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. 

To submit a job listing, please read the following information carefully.

Terms and Conditions for Posting a Job with Center for Art Law:

To be listed, jobs must be related to art, law and culture responsibilities. Advertising fees are the same for all employers (for-profits, non-profits, and individuals).

Rates for each classified ad, one per employment opportunity:

  • 2 weeks ($50),
  • 4 weeks ($90),
  • 6 weeks ($125),
  • other (TBD).

Payments may be made with a check (payable to Center for Art Law) or by PayPal. We post new listings within 2-3 business days of invoicing or payment.

Job listing content is the sole responsibility of the originating organization. We reserve the right to refuse job listings. While we may remove postings prior to expiration date of the agreed term, postings are not refunded and all sales are final. If you need to edit the posting, please contact us at

Job listing must contain the following information:

Name of Your Organization, Position Title and Description, Duration/Type of Work Opportunity, Compensation (if any), How to Apply, Deadline for Submission.

Comments welcomed

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