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Art + Law Blogroll

Proliferation of art law blogs, many maintained by law firms with established or newly created art law practices, is an indicator of popularity and promise of this exciting field. We invite you to consult the following list of blogs as you are looking for the right attorney to represent you or as you are looking for unique insights into the current issues affecting the arts community.*

  • Art and Artifact: Blogger hosted, this is a “weblog dedicated to everything concerning art and the law.”
  • Art Meets Law: Cristina del Rivero’s blog is dedicated to the most noteworthy legal developments affecting the global art market today and in particular London and New York. Now that the author is permanently based in London (and given the dearth of art law blogs this side of the Atlantic), the focus will be primarily on English rather than New York law.
  • Art Law & More: Operated by a team of art law specialists at Boodle Hatfield LLP, this blog presents “art news and legal views.”
  • Art Law Journal provides readers with the information they need to be successful. Whether discussing how to negotiating a contracts, protect works from online piracy, or respond to a copyright infringement letter, the Art Law Journal breaks down the topics into an easy to understand format. No confusing legal jargon here; just the information you need so you can make better business decisions.
  • Art Law London: Paul Howcroft writes about English legal developments relevant to the art world.
  • Art Law Report: blog where Nicholas O’Donnell, partner with Sullivan & Worcester, offers “updates and commentary on legal issues in the museum and visual arts community.”
  • Grossman LLP Art Law Blog offers this firm’s insights into “the important legal issues and developments impacting the art world on a daily basis.”
  • Institute of Art and Law Blog: The Institute of Art and Law, an educational organisation that runs courses in the UK, delivers art law news via its blog.
  • Illicit Cultural Property: Since 2006, Derek Fincham, now Associate Professor of Law at South Texas College of Law, has been publishing his blog on thefts, antiquities looting, and legal developments in the field.
  • The Legal Palette: Engaging an interdisciplinary approach, The Legal Palette uses a single piece of art as a backdrop on which to explore the relationships between art and law.
  • Plundered Art: This blog provides a perspective from the Holocaust Art Restitution Project, which was was co-founded in September 1997 in Washington, DC, by Ori Z. Soltes, Willi Korte, and Marc Masurovsky to document cultural property losses suffered by Jewish individuals, families, and institutions between 1933 and 1945 at the hands of the National Socialists and their Fascist allies across continental Europe; to conduct historical research into the wartime and postwar fate of stolen, confiscated, misappropriated cultural property.
  • The Art Law Blog: Donn Zaretsky with John Silberman & Associates comments on various art related topics.
  • The IPKat: Launched in 2003 as a teaching aid for Intellectual Property Law students in London, the IPKat’s weblog has become a popular source of material, comment and amusement for IP owners, practitioners, judges, students and administrators.

*Disclaimer: The list of blogs is not complete. We continue adding new postings and we welcome your input as we collect our materials. If your blog is not on this list, you can contact us here.

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