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The Team

Founder & DirectorIrina Tarsis, Esq.

Executive DirectorLouise Carron

Guest Editor: Courtney Doagoo

Non-legal Interns: Lindsay Dekter (Fall 2015); Nina Mesfin (Summer 2016); Tyler Maxin (Spring 2017); Samantha Smart (Summer 2017); Madeline Conlin (Summer 2017); Samantha Bonilla (Spring 2018); Shlomit Heering (Summer 2018); Ethan Ashley (Summer 2018); Jennie Nadel (Summer 2018); Claire Dettelbach (Summer 2018); Olivia Taylor (Fall 2018).

Legal Interns: Lesley Sotolongo (Spring 2014); Dennis C. Abrams (Spring 2015); Melissa (YoungJae) Koo (Spring 2015); Debra Friedmann (Summer 2015); Adir Paner (Fall 2015); Scotti Hill (Summer 2016); Samantha Elie (Spring 2016); Jessica Preis (Spring 2016); Bianca Acquaviva (Spring 2016); Heather DeSerio (Spring 2017); Marine Leclinche (Spring 2017); Alexandra Terrell (May 2017); Colby Meagle (June 2017); Wylie Rechler (Summer 2017); Kathryn Moynihan (Spring 2018); Louise Carron (Spring 2018); Hanna Feldman (Summer 2018).

Postgraduate Fellows: Jessica Curley (Fall 2014), Mia Tomijima (Spring 2015); David Honig (Fall 2015 – Spring 2016); Elizabeth Weber (Spring 2016); Michelle Park (Fall 2016); Adelaide Dunn (Spring – Summer 2017); Caroline Keegan (Summer 2017).

Contributors: Tess Bonoli (NY); Caroline Camp (NY); Sekou Campbell (PA); Ariel Greenberg (NY); Steffanie Keim (NY); Emma Kleiner (CA); Daniel Kokhba (NY); Rebecca Krishnan-Ayer (DC); Chris Michaels (PA); Angelea Selleck (NY); Hanoch Sheps (NY); Kristen Pionati (PA); Merve Stolzman (DC); Mary Elizabeth Williams (NY).

Guest Writers: Richard Altman (NY); Dan Arnheim (NY); Olivier De Baecque (France); Lauren Bursey (Canada); Nora Choueiri (NY); Jill Ellman (NY); Sarah Gordon (NY); Joshua Greenfield (NY); Elena Kravtsoff (DC); Elizabeth Lash (NY); Larissa Neumayer (IL); Megan Noh (NY); Peninah Petruck (NY); Carole Pinto (NY); J. Bruce Richardson (Canada); Timur Tusiray (US).

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  1. Hello CfAL team! I am working to preserve and promote the artistic legacy of my mother, Dr. Masumi Hayashi ( and I’m wondering if there is a model for artist estates to operate as non-profits, with art education about the artist, as the charitable goal? Actually I’d be interested in hearing about a model for artist estates acting with any set of goals that is approved by the IRS for non-profit status. Is this something you have experience with?

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