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About Us

Welcome to the Center for Art Law!

From our offices in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY, we serve artists and students, academics and legal practitioners, collectors and dealers, government officials and professionals in related fields around the world. Our mission is to explore the many facets of the exciting and continually developing field of legal practice related to visual arts and cultural heritage. 

Founded in 2009, our art law blog has evolved and expanded. Since 2012, we have been striving to create a coherent and collegial art law community. Our contributors and subscribers include attorneys, law students and artists. We keep our community members updated about art and law-related topics through our popular blog and our Art Law Blast newsletter (archived here). The public programs include “You’ve Been Served” movie evenings, art law mixers, lectures, and special exhibition tours.

A recognized asset to the art law sphere, Center for Art Law is a centralized resource for art and cultural heritage law. We receive inquiries and disseminate information and announcements from firms, universities and student organizations about upcoming events, current research and job and externship opportunities. Our Calendar of Events tracks art law programs worldwide. Also, we participate in discussions about proposed legislation, such as the merits of instituting a federal resale royalty right in the United States and diversity in arts related organizations.

We welcome new participants and feedback as to how we can continue improving our offerings.

Irina Tarsis, Esq.
Founding Director
Center for Art Law

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