Knoedler Director Defamation Settlement Reached

*by Hanoch Sheps, J.D.

As reported on September 16, Ann Freedman, former director of the Knoedler & Company Gallery brought a suit in defamation against Marco Grassi, for his comments relating to the gallery’s downfall in New York Magazine. [Read Center for Art Law: A Knoedler Aftershock: Freedman sues for Defamation]. In a settlement reached last week, Mr. Grassi agreed to retract statements made in the article in which he claimed that Ms. Freedman performed inadequate due diligence in her contact with Glafira Rosales leading to the subsequent sale of several ultimately fake artworks.

Freedman and Knoedler are currently defending against multiple suits involving the fake artworks sold by the gallery on consignment by Ms. Rosales. [Click here for reports on other Knoedler lawsuits and interested parties].

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