T&E Gift: Family divided over an art loan and museum plans

French-born American artist, Armand Pierre Fernandez (1928–2005), known as Arman, was an influential 20th century sculptor.  His widow, Corice Arman, wishes to open a a museum in the south of France devoted to his work, what could be less contradictory than that? Well, the plans to open the museum are in jeopardy because the sculptor’s daughter and sister have objections.

“It’s public knowledge that the estate has not been settled,” says Marion Moreau, the artist’s eldest daughter. And yet, Corice Arman lent some work or works to the Musee d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain in Niece. Needles to say, the loan is also opposed.

Looking to more art law in the new year, a court hearing is expected early 2012 to rule on the contested testamentary document that names Corice Arman as the heir to Arman’s estate. [Gift for T&E attorneys – check.]

Source: The Art Newspaper.

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