Brush Up on Your Spanish and Art Crime Prevention — Spain Publishes Catalog of Stolen Art and Robert Wittman Inc. Offers Lectures on The Same

To reunite art owners and stolen art, Spanish police have published a 192 page catalog of high value objects retrieved during various raids. These works include drawings by Pablo Picasso, sculpture, rare archaeological objects, watches, coins and medals.

As for those not in Spain, who’s art has not been recovered yet, or stolen for that matter, Robert Wittman is offering a five-day seminar “on the practical application of investigative techniques to recover stolen art and cultural property.” Wittman, former FBI agent and the founder of the FBI National Art Crime Team, author of the NY Times Best Seller Priceless, founded an international art security firm in Philadelphia and now he has assembled a truly stellar crew of lecturers to share the know how of art recovery, Investigation Techniques; Conservation and Forensic Techniques to Identify Fakes and Forgeries; Fine Art Insurance and Art Loss Database; Auction Protection Issues and much more.

Meet the Crew: 
Robert E. Goldman spent 32 years working as a state and federal prosecutor. His accomplishments include, prosecution of the first case in the nation under the federal Theft of Major Artwork Statute (18 USC 668) resulting in the first federal convictions under this law. Goldman was appointed by the Department of Justice as the first at large prosecutor in the nation for the FBI Art Crime Team. Today, he is the principle in the law firm of Robert E. Goldman Esq. and practices art law on a private basis.

James E. McAndrew has worked with the U.S. government for more than 27 years, first with the United States Customs Service and then with the Department of Homeland Security. He is an expert on international art and antiquity investigations and on customs and international trade law.

Herb Lottier, the Director of Protection Services at the Philadelphia Museum of Art since 1996, manages a security force of 175 contract officers and 35 proprietary supervisors. Prior to his current profession, Lottier served for 21 years in the Philadelphia Police Department. For the last six of those years he held the rank of captain.

To register visit The class runs from June 12-June 17, 2011

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