Thomas Kline for The Wall Street Journal on US v. Wally

Lots of writing has seen the light and much more will come out following the $19 million settlement of U.S. v Portrait of Wally. If you missed an important article by Thomas R. Kline, a partner at Andrews Kurth LLP and famed art lawyer, here is the opening paragraph:

“In the decades following World War II, Rudolf Leopold was a larger-than-life figure on the Vienna art scene. He was known particularly for “dedication and ruthlessness” in building his art collection, as an obituary in London’s Telegraph resonantly put it. Leopold died on June 29 at age 85 and, within less than a month, historic litigation concerning a painting from the Austrian museum bearing his name was settled, just as if the terms had been worked out in advance, awaiting only his departure from this earth.”

Read the full article:

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