Cardozo sponsors International Law and Film Conference

Cardozo School of Law and NYU with the participation of the Institut d’histoire du temps présent (CNRS, Paris) will host:

Making History in the Courtroom:
From the Soviet Show Trials to the Khmer Rouge Trials

Wednesday-Friday, September 15 – 17. Events at Cardozo School of Law and NYU.

Cardozo Professors Peter Goodrich and Christian Delage, with the help of Michelle Feldman, have organized an international symposium hosting world-renowned speakers that will explore the intersection of film and law.
Events include:

“Show Trials and the Denial of Justice”
“Defendants without Defense, and under the Gaze of the Camera”
“The Crimes of the Khmer Rouge: Images of the Prison S-21 as Evidence”
“Recapturing Memory and Justice through Film”

“The Courtroom as a Place of Reconciliation?”
“International or Local Justice?”
“Pleading Guilty: The Case of Duch in the Khmer Rouge Trials”

There is no need to register for any of the sessions.
For more details, please download this powerpoint.

Comments welcomed

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