Museums Take Pro Sports Gambling to the Next Level

A new kind of transaction to spice up the art market:

“A tale in 13 tweets: the head honchos of the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Indianapolis Museum of Art have reached an agreement in a high stakes art exchange based on the outcome of the Superbowl. Both museums responded to a dare by art writer Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes, who suggested that the losing city loan out a work of art from its permanent collection to the victor. IMA director Max Anderson (on behalf of the Colts) and NOMA director E. John Bullard (wagering for the Saints) shaped the terms of the bet over email, blog posts, and Twitter, which makes for an entertaining — see also: transparent, accessible — dialogue between two higher institutions of art.

Sports trash talking (hello, talk radio) is nothing new, but we’re kinda digging this new layer of city pride. Museums engaging in popular culture via social media and by extension publicizing classical artworks? Well done.”

– 5:38 pm Friday Jan 29, 2010 by Kelsey Keith

Learn more about the deal:

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