1. Books

If you are working on a new title, or your book is already out and you would like to have it listed by us, please send us information about it (Title, Author/Editor(s), Date of Publication; ISBN, short summary, link to your publisher/distributor).

  • Ben-Dor, Oren, Law and Art: Justice, Ethics and Aesthetics, ed. (Routledge-Cavendish, 2011) (ISBN: 9780415560214) “In engaging with the full range of the arts, contributors to this volume consider the relationship between law, justice, the ethical and the aesthetic…. The insights presented in this collection disturb and supplement conventional accounts of justice, inaugurating new possibilities for addressing the origin of violence in our world.” The book is available for purchase here.
  • Boesch, Bruno and Massimo SterpiThe Art Collecting Legal Handbook, eds. (May 31, 2013). The book may be ordered here.
  • Malaro, Marie C. & Ildiko DeAngelis, A Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collections, 3rd Ed. Much has changed in the museum world since the first edition of this book came out in 1985. The revised edition is “an authoritative, go-to book for any museum professional, Legal Primer offers detailed explanations of the law, suggestions for preventing legal problems, and numerous case studies of lawsuits involving museum collections.” Order your book here.
Appraisal and Investment
  • Gerlis, Melanie,  Art as an Investment? (Feb. 2014). “Aimed at collectors and investors, this user-friendly guide explains art’s value as an asset through comparisons with more familiar investments, including property, shares and gold…It offers jargon-free explanations of how the characteristics of blue-chip art can be seen to coincide with and diverge from the fundamental features of more established types of asset.” Available on Amazon.
  • Appraising Art: The Definitive Guide. The fully-updated and color-illustrated soft-covered guide covers everything from theory and methodology, to legal and ethical issues, as well as over 50 connoisseurship areas. Book launch party September 17, 2013. Order here.

Specific Art Subjects & Restoration:

  • Beck, James with Michael Daley, Art Restoration: The Culture, the Business and the Scandal (Norton, 1996). ISBN: 0393031297-6. Biographical art history, co-authored by James Beck (1930-2007), an art historian who spoke against restoration work that harmed artworks and cultural monuments.  In the 1990s, Beck was sued for and successfully defended against a criminal libel charge brought by a restorer.
  • Bennett, Michael, Praxiteles: The Cleveland Apollo (Cleveland Museum of Art, 2013). Available on Amazon.

Nazi-Era Looted Art

  • Bohm-Duchen, MonicaArt and the Second World War (Princeton Univ.,) ISBN 978-0-691-14561-7 “In this well-researched, clear-eyed assessment of art’s relationship to the war that “has left the darkest and most indelible mark on modern society,” Bohm-Duchen (After Auschwitz) presents a sobering overview of the official and nonofficial fine art produced in warring nations: Spain (with the civil war treated as a prologue to WWII), England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, America, France, Italy, the Soviet Union, Germany, China, and Japan…” Purchase Art and the Second World War here.
  • Chamberlain, Kevin, War and Cultural Heritage ( 2nd ed). Publication: April 2013; ISBN: 978-1-903987-31-5. This revised edition contains an article by article commentary on the 1954 Hague Convention and its Two Protocols. The book also analyses other instruments of international humanitarian law relevant to the protection of cultural property. The book takes into account the latest developments regarding the international efforts to secure restitution of Holocaust-looted cultural property, including the work of the UK’s Spoliation Advisory Panel. You may purchase a copy of this book here.
  • Kearns, Paul, Freedom of Artistic Expression: Essays on Culture and Legal Censure (Hart Publishing, 2013). Order your book here.
  • O’Connor, Anne-Marie, The Lady in Gold: The Extraordinary Tale of Gustav Klimt’s Masterpiece, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer (Feb. 2012) ISBN: 0307265641. Described as a “riveting social history; an illuminating and haunting look at turn-of-the-century Vienna; a brilliant portrait of the evolution of a painter; a masterfully told tale of suspense. And at the heart of it, the Lady in Gold–the shimmering painting, and its equally irresistible subject, the fate of each forever intertwined.” You may purchase this book here.
  • Senson, Astrid & Peter Mandler, From Plunder to Preservation: Britain and the Heritage of Empire, c.1800-1940, eds. ; ISBN: 978-0-19-726541-3 Details from the publisher: What was the effect of the British Empire on the cultures and civilisations of the peoples over whom it ruled? This book takes a novel approach to this important and controversial subject by considering the impact of empire on the idea of ‘heritage’. Order your copy here.
  • Stamatoudi, Irini A., Cultural Property Law and Restitution: A Commentary to International Conventions and European Union Law (2011) (ISBN: 978-1-84844-66-8) IHC Series in Heritage Management. The book is available here.

2. Journals

  • Art Antiquity and Law (UK) A Quarterly, which starting in 1996, was designed for all who value the cultural and historical environment. “The principal aim of the Quarterly is to inform. It exists to tell those who work in art and antiquity about the law governing their activities and the policies behind the law. It is founded on the belief, never more confident than today, that cultural life cannot in a legal vacuum. In our conviction, all responsible members of the art and history community should be aware of the role which law plays in shaping cultural policy. To understand law, however demanding the task, is to meet its challenges more effectively.”
  • International Journal of Culture Property (USA) Published for the International Cultural Property Society, this peer-reviewed journal “provides a vital, international, and multidisciplinary forum for the broad spectrum of views surrounding cultural property, cultural heritage, and related issues. Its mission is to develop new ways of dealing with cultural property debates, to be a venue for the proposal or enumeration of pragmatic policy suggestions, and to be accessible to a wide audience of professionals, academics, and lay readers.”

3. Other Articles & Publications 

  • Day, Gregory, Explaining the Art Market’s Thefts, Frauds, and Forgeries (And Why the Art Market Does Not Seem to Care). Vanderbilt J. of Ent’ment and Tech. L., Vol. 16, No. 4, 2014, Forthcoming. Available at SSRN:

4. Fiction

  • Parker, Patrick, Treasures of the Fourth Reich: A Novel of Suspense (March 23, 2014). “In 1993 Maria Connor, an art expert from Panama and her husband, retired Lieutenant Colonel Dix Connor, are quietly pursuing their careers in Italy when Maria becomes fascinated with the tales of lost Nazi plunder.”
  • Silva, DanielThe Heist: A Novel (July 2014). “Gabriel Allon, art restorer and occasional spy, searches for a stolen masterpiece by Caravaggio in #1 New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva’s latest action-packed tale of high stakes international intrigue.”

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